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Your animations were so fluid, the fighting choreography(not sure if that term applies to animation) synced so well with the music. This is the first video ive seen of yours, and i am already attached to your characters. Great Job!

Beautiful! simply put beautiful. Great use of music, sound, and animation. Please do more.

Movie was great! Text was obnoxious though. Hated the text speak. OMG.

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You sir are a great writer, and your ability to put this funny, thoughtful story into a game format is just amazing. Thank you for this.

I liked this game! the story line was what drove me to play it again. the battle system was simplistic, perhaps too much so. the ability to move forward and backward, or a variation of attacks either from the player or enemy could make the battle more dynamic. Also a soundtrack could add so much to make the player get involved with the story. I love the mutliple storlines, the sounds were fun to listen to! Please make more!

josephmillertc responds:

I'm considering adding more features and polish to this game. The problem is that it was designed for a 48hr game design competition, so the code is all a huge house of cards. Adding new features or levels may make it all fall apart, so it would be somewhat tedious work to make the engine solid enough to integrate those new features seamlessly. Thanks for the feedback, though!

well done! The music expressed much of the sentiment for the boy, and his sister. got some glitches after i lost a life. couldn't move just jump in a goofy pose. The fighting was a little stiff, although not a focal point tin the game, it is a large part of the game play, and could be improved by having the enemies do more of a charge and retreat, tactic, rather than just rush. But not bad!

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Hey! im new to this too. i downloaded a free program for voice recording and editing little things. Im learning how to use it little by litttle and googling things to help me figure out how to get the sounds just right. I made my first demo today, Like you i really didnt know what to say, so I found some things to read online! Try it out! Good luck Fen

Gosh dang! Your talent is oozing out all over the place man. The animation in your voice is amazing. Every little snippit drew me into the short story it was telling.

KupoDUBS responds:

Th-thank you! First positive response goes to---!!!



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